Top lessons for a successful local business

Should you keep spending money on advertising?

Hint: Not really.

Here's why:

1. It's better to choose who you talk to

Advertising is like shouting at strangers. You might get some of them to make eye contact with you, but the vast majority will put their earphones on and speed away. On the other hand, customers who have already visited you once are much more likely to engage with your content and be positively influenced by your messages. In other words - it is much easier to 'advertise' to existing customers than it is to strangers.

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2. It's more effective to work towards second visits, rather than first

Every new customer is an opportunity to generate a 'regular' at your business. Repeat visits are vital in your efforts to reduce advertising spend and increase consistent revenue. Specifically, the coveted 'second visit' is your main indicator for success - get a first time customer to visit just once more, and they're most likely to keep visiting, bring their friends, leave a positive review and spend more at your business!

3. 'Word of mouth' is not an advertising tactic - It's a way of life

Many businesses make the mistake of treating the symptom instead of the disease. You can't 'crisis manage' bad yelp comments or negative public reviews, you need to make sure that you are churning out an army of satisfied customers day in and day out. Manage a healthy relationship with your customers (all of them) and watch your public reputation soar without having to constantly monitor your yelp account

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