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       Floket.png  Small Business Marketing: Tips, tools & strategies for success


Small Business Marketing Tools

Small businesses today rely on low budget marketing strategies to get more customers through the door and retain existing customers. Examples for marketing tactics on a budget: Digital punch cards, email marketing, text message marketing, SEO (Search engine optimization) and more. On this site you can explore all the ways to market your restaurant, salon, store or any business that relies on customers coming back.

Digital Punch Card (mobile punch card)

Punch cards (also loyalty cards or stamp cards) are the most tried and true customer engagement marketing tool for small businesses when it comes to customer loyalty and loyalty marketing in general. Simple punch cards - whether on smart phones as mobile punch cards, or basic paper punch cards - create a powerful incentive for walk in clients to become regular customers. Learn more about punch card templates, low cost punch card loyalty programs, or the benefits of Digital, Mobile, Paper or Online punch card for your small business here.

Email marketing software

Email marketing is a powerful, low-cost marketing solution for small businesses. With low-cost email marketing software and some best practices, you can create email marketing campaigns that will reach more customers for your small business. Start collecting your customer’s email addresses now! Learn more about low-cost email marketing software and solutions, and how to create great email marketing campaigns for your small business here.

Text message marketing

Text Message or SMS Marketing is the latest and greatest way for small businesses to drive traffic, send messages and reach their customers in bulk. In the age of smart phones, text message marketing is the way of the future. Sending text messages is easy with the right software, and offers a great marketing solution for small businesses. Need a guide on how to use text message marketing? Learn more about the benefits and best practices of SMS marketing here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO for small businesses is essential in order to improve your online presence and drive traffic to your business. Need a guide to SEO optimization? SEO-optimized websites are important, but so are social networks, directories, and other online ways to improve SEO. Make sure Google indexes your small business and gives you a high ranking in the search engines. Learn more about SEO for your small business here.

Direct Mail Advertising

Sending brochures or letters to people's mailbox might sound like an oldschool marketing idea, but for some local businesses - it still works!

Business Listing

Some marketers clump business listing management with SEO but while some businesses can afford not engaging in search engine optimization, we wouldn't recommend skipping listing and online directories. 

Online Advertising / Local Ads

Advertising is expensive and time consuming, but if the math makes sense, it is the most reliably effective marketing channel there is. Learn more about advertising strategies, tactics and opportunities here.

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