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       Floket.png  Small Business Marketing: Tips, tools & strategies for success


Low Budget Marketing

Like most Small businesses owners, your budget is probably tight and you’re looking for marketing ideas that won’t break the bank. The great news is, while rent, inventory and other overhead expenses are costly, your marketing and brand building doesn’t have to be! Whether you decide to maximize your use of social media, run a loyalty club, or get your business on all the local online directories, there are loads of low budget marketing options available!

Cheap ways to get new customers 

How do you get more customers to walk into your small business or brick and mortar store, when you’re on a shoestring budget? There are loads of ways and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Click on these solutions to learn more: Websites can be surprisingly inexpensive if you opt for one of the free or low cost platforms such as or SquareSpace. There are also SMS and text message marketing tools, email marketing, Loyalty marketing, location-based marketing and automation apps available at very low costs, to help you reach as many potential customers as possible.  

Free Marketing Tools

Don’t miss out on all the free stuff available for marketing your small biz. Some of the most powerful free tools are on the internet - and allow you to have an  internet presence that translates into more walk-in traffic. Whether it’s local directories and review sites like Yelp or Google Business, or social networks like Facebook and instagram, there’s no excuse not to have an internet presence! You don’t need to have a website for your small business, but make sure your location, which makes you unique, is searchable online! Click here for marketing tools for a local business


Generate Buzz On A Budget

One of the ways to create buzz for your business is to throw spectacular, limited time specials, or to have a blow out sale. But grand gestures aren’t the only way. For many small businesses, slow and steady wins the race! By offering quality products or services, you are creating happy customers. And that’s the ultimate starting point to help you take advantage of all the internet has to offer for word-of-mouth marketing- with review sites like Yelp, OpenTable, etc. You can also have a multi-faceted loyalty program that allows your most loyal patrons to become brand ambassadors, by posting content and reviews via the app. Being a quality business is just the first step- making sure word about your great service gets out is more in your hands than ever before! 

Guerilla Marketing

True guerilla marketing is for the street-wise, even if it’s done online; It’s for those small businesses with a small budget, but a big imagination, who are daring and audacious enough to try unconventional tactics to grab people’s attention! Guerilla marketing is most likely to end up going viral, when some patron, customer or bystander gets it all on video and posts it to YouTube. It can involve costumes, distributing samples, crashing name it! 

A Customer Loyalty Platform

Small businesses today rely on loyalty marketing strategies to get more customers through the door and retain existing customers. Examples for loyalty marketing tactics: Digital punch cards, email marketing, text message marketing, coupons, rewards and social media marketing. Flok is an all-in-one solution for customer loyalty, location based marketing, relationship management, customer rewards and marketing automation. Give it a try for free.

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