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       Floket.png  Small Business Marketing: Tips, tools & strategies for success


Customer Loyalty Marketing

Small businesses today rely on loyalty marketing strategies to get more customers through the door and retain existing customers. Examples for loyalty marketing tactics: Digital punch cards, email marketing, text message marketing, coupons, rewards and social media marketing. On this site you can explore all the ways to market your restaurant, salon, store or any business that relies on customers coming back.

Punch Cards 

Punch cards (also loyalty cards or stamp cards) are a tried and true customer engagement marketing tool for small businesses when it comes to customer loyalty and loyalty marketing in general. Simple punch cards - whether on smart phones as mobile punch cards, or basic paper punch cards - create a powerful incentive for walk in clients to become regular customers. Learn more about punch card templates, low cost punch card loyalty programs, or the benefits of Digital, Mobile, Paper or Online punch cards for your small business here. 

Customer Rewards

Customer rewards and incentives will increase customer loyalty and revenue for your small business. You can create Birthday rewards, location based rewards, visits rewards and more. There are some great loyalty programs and systems tailored to small businesses. Learn tips on how to manage rewards, incentives and customer loyalty here.

Coupons and offers

Coupons are a great incentive to get customers to shop at your small business. Coupons are one of the oldest marketing tools because customers love them. Today, with the option of Print, Digital, Mobile or Smart Phone coupons, there is no excuse not to use coupons! You can use online coupon platforms like Groupon, Livingsocial or Amazon local to attract new customers, incentivize purchases, build customer loyalty, and increase revenue. Learn more about using coupons for your small business here. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a free or low cost way for your small business to build brand image and reach new and loyal customers. Get started with tips and best practices, or a beginners guide to social media marketing, to reach more customers, improve your online presence, build SEO, drive traffic and purchases, and ensure your brand image stays up to date. Whether you use Facebook marketing, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest, or all of the above, there is sure to be a social media marketing platform that is right for your small business. Get tips and guidance on using social media marketing here.  

Email list management

Email marketing and email lists are powerful, low-cost marketing solutions for small businesses. Begins by creating an email list of all your customers. Each email is a lead, to help you with low-cost email marketing campaigns that will encourage repeat business, customer loyalty and satisfaction, purchases, and improved revenue for your small business. Start collecting your customer’s email addresses now! Learn more here.

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